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The Theory

The first step on YOUR PERSONAL journey towards a “Sextraordinary Life” is to understand the world of pleasure. Yes, there is a world of it out there! Now, it may seem like a logical and basic concept, and yet there is so much untapped pleasure available to us-most of us are really novices at best when it comes to it. The fact is most people have taken on pleasure as a form of coping, or stress relief, and many have unhealed traumas surrounding their ability to receive or give pleasure to themselves or others.  And nobody is using pleasure consciously for any other purpose.  Many people feel pleasure is just an orgasm where body fluids are released during sex, and they never go beyond to experience the real nature of what pleasure means, or its true design.  The majority of human beings today aren’t embodying it to the degree that it changes humanity for the better and are often left feeling undeserving of it. Even the fundamental piece of how our anatomy and health factor in with pleasure is rarely discussed and taught. and no one is out there teaching or sharing how to experience, and use, pleasure in a consistent manner

Yes, there are valuable teachings of tantra out there, as well as misused, misguided and misunderstood teachings of tantra. Most tantric teachings out there focus on simply elevating pleasure and sexual energy and while this will get you a great initial experience, what is missing in truly experiencing pleasure and abundance in ALL areas of life is to also look at and clear the wounds, shadows and pain we have accumulated over the years.

Once you have cleared your system, you will experience the kind of pleasure we speak of, the ultimate cause of Creation, tapping into the innate spiritual gift of our sexuality, with a built in pleasure chest of amazing proportions literally waiting to be unleashed within us!

Because we don’t know any of this or live in confusion around our sexuality, our innate gift of deepest pleasure and creative life force energy, we turn to other ways to grow and self-develop. We see seek things like therapy, self-help books, and work hard trying to develop our sense of spiritually. We may practice yoga, or other structured lessons, using the mind and body, sweating with this hard work to become who we want to be, or think we should be. Yet we still suffer with limiting beliefs like personal shame and guilt surrounding our sexuality.  We suffer in silence with the traumas of the past, experiencing PTSD, money issues, unsatisfying sex lives and relationships, depression, mediocre orgasms, or worse…none at all. We hide from others these scars while we carry anger, rage, and frustration around our lack in full self-expression. This leads to chronic pain, a lack of trust for others, and ultimately us being afraid of speaking and/ or standing in the truth of our deepest desires.  And we don’t know how to give ourselves what we really long for.

Never do we consider how easy it can be, or that the answers could lie within us. Because so much time has passed in generations, and our own lives, with no real support, we have been hardened emotionally and physically around the topics of sex, sexuality, and pleasure itself. Many have shut themselves off to the idea that they can ever have real pleasure again.

Today, science has shown how our life experiences are not only stored in the mind, but in the depths of every cell and tissue which are the deepest parts of us physically. We have “armored”, or put up defenses so to speak, with our sexuality.  Many people have stored traumas, tension, memories, and defeating thought patterns so deeply within our bodies that merely talking about it can only take us so far and avoiding it only causes more pain. We walk around unconsciously armored, completely hindering our natural energy flow, keeping us hardened and desensitized from our bodies because of old emotions locked inside. Our minds are clouded making it difficult to freely navigate through life. We find ourselves gripping towards fear versus freedom and exploration.

For us, this was unacceptable to witness people walking through life this way, and our love story united us in providing you the ultimate solution and system, what we believe we have appropriately named “Pleasure on Purpose™ Healing System.” And it is really just that! Utilizing pleasure in a purposeful way has become one of the most sought after healing systems for all-men, women, single, married, divorced-and it is here for you as well.

Thoughtful, considerate, honest, professional, trustworthy, high-integrity, loving, cautious, thorough, unified as a couple, passionate about your work, present, intuitive, and operating as a catalyst for my healing.  

I had an enormous breakthrough and experienced something that was a “first” for me sexually. So much healing & clearing happened. I wish this for everyone. I feel more grounded, more content, more fulfilled.

I feel more confident sexually and more willing to ask for what I want, not just in bed but in more/all areas of life.  I feel more deserving of good things, of pleasure, worthy to serve and be served, worthy to make a good living.  

Anita Teresa Boeninger

Founder of the Sex & Medicine Summit & the Embodied Femme

The System

In today’s fast-paced world, we understand that people want solutions and support that flow at the same pace in which we live our lives…FAST! Our combined abilities, skills, and collaboration provides exactly that…the fastest, most effective, and most pleasurable resolution to what singles and couples today deal with regarding their expression and sexuality.

The Pleasure on Purpose™ Healing System achieves levels of release, healing, and stimulation to all of our systems: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual, simultaneously. This incredibly intense and powerful modality literally washes away what holds you back, not only what has been stored and tucked away in the brain, but deep into the cellular level of the physical and energetic body with sustained results that are nothing short of miracles.

We mentioned earlier in THE THEORY how we have an amazing pleasure chest waiting to be unleashed within us, and this of course is our ability to experience ORGASM. Noted as, and proven to be the highest energetic vibration we can achieve, the orgasm is a natural cocktail of powerful chemicals and energies that flood our mind, body, and spirit all at once. In these moments we completely surrender our ego-driven lives, the concerns of the past, present, and future,and experience Divine pleasure at its finest.

Recent brain imaging studies have shown how several areas of the brain go “offline” during an orgasm. The parts that control fear and anxiety, the areas that restrict our pleasure, the traumas of our past, and that voice that shouts our negative self-talk, literally disappear as dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and other powerful endorphins run wild, washing over us in ecstasy. The brain’s reaction to this flood is a profound state of trance, and when this state is professionally sustained, you and your practitioner are allowed a significant window of possibility to literally re-write your life, transforming you to whatever degree you allow and desire.There are no limits to what you can achieve with a sustainable, purposeful, and pleasurable orgasm!

The Pleasure on Purpose™ Healing System is a specialized and choreographed process that facilitates this sustained energy of Divine orgasm for complete mind, body, and spiritual transformation.

Utilizing this spiritual and sexual power on purpose, with intention, gives way to mind-blowing results. Our clients from around the world, following their journey with this system, have attracted their soul mates, fully re-connected and fallen back in love with their spouses like never before, healed wounds that have haunted them for decades, cleared ALL past sexual shame, trauma, and guilt they were conscious and unconscious to, found their true calling and passion in life, found their sexual spark for their partners again, and the list goes on.

With the Pleasure on Purpose™ Healing System, you can expect to completely love and experience yourself fully without any more judgment or fear of judgment, be fully seen and heard in the world, embark on business ventures that make you incredible money and connections, create change in the world that makes a difference, inspire others to live fully expressed, feel confident in your sexuality and in your body, and attract the most amazing relationships.

Heike’s energy felt so familiar and comfortable to me. Her work feels very much like mine in many ways, so I immediately felt a sense of safety. Jonathan was a wonderful guide to hold the presence of the Masculine and shepherd me through the experience. I felt completely witnessed and safe throughout the entire process (before, during and after the session). I love taking charge of my own healing journey, and I felt as though they created ample space for that, while simultaneously pushing me to go deeper than I might have by myself.


Shamanic Healer

The Experience

Pleasure on Purpose™ Healing sessions are 3 hours in duration and are always performed with both Jonathan and Dr. Heike working together and as a team. The first half will bring up and release unconscious blocks, limiting beliefs, trapped emotions, and negative past experiences. The second half of the session fills up the spaces that have been cleared with pleasure, accompanied by powerful affirmations. Pleasure on Purpose™  is not Tantra, surrogacy, or OMing. We honor all paths and we invite you to expect an experience with Pleasure on Purpose™ that is unique in every way. If you’re looking for the quickest, deepest, most intense and profound healing modality available, then your guidance here is no accident.

Our exceptionally solid and clear boundaries are an important piece of what creates the safest container you have ever had to let go completely. We pride ourselves on a level of professionalism in session and follow the professional code of ethics for this type of work.

If you should feel that working with us is right for you, you must apply and be accepted for the program. Please contact us directly at or call 800-928-9837.

You two make such a beautiful team – the level of awareness, consciousness, and integrity is unmatched and so very much on purpose. You are both willing to do what needs to be done in service of another’s unfolding; a rare and valuable service. I am no longer run and ravaged by fear. My brain broke and I broke open. I have a chance and I have the purpose I so needed to live my life.


Pleasure on Purpose for Women

Unleash Your Wild Feminine Program

Pleasure on Purpose for Men

The King Maker Program
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