Unleash Your Wild Feminine

It’s time to Unleash Your Wild Feminine!

She is the one that makes you unstoppable, the one that attracts anything you desire in life, the one that lives, walks and speaks her truth. She turns each woman into a QUEEN, a sexy queen I should say.

Let me welcome you home my dear sister. I have been waiting for you. I have been calling you in and I am so happy and excited that you finally found me (again)! Yes, you! If you have made it to this page I kind of know what you are looking for.

Let me guess…

  • You often feel like you are too much, and then again not enough.
  • You are looking for love, deep connection, and ways how to make that happen for you.
  • You have been hurt in the past in your relationships and you wonder if there will ever be that man that can completely meet you in your greatness.
  • You have done a ton of spiritual work, self empowering, personal growth and all that jazz but you still feel like there is something you are missing as you go to all these circles and you end up going IN circles.
  • You know you have a purpose and either are already living it or looking for ways to do so.
  • You are frustrated about your sex life and not feeling fulfilled in it.
  • You are looking for change, a shift, and you want it fast, lasting and powerful.
  • You are ambitious and show up fully in all you do.
  • In your amazing go-getter attitude in life and at work you are wondering how you can be more feminine.

Am I right? You wonder how I know? Because I am one of you. Like you, I was looking for answers, for MORE in all areas of my life. More love, more on purpose, more and better sex, a life partner, more happiness and fulfillment and more education and knowledge around having relationships that are drama-free and sex that is filling you up on all levels. And here is what I found and embody today and wish for you to have as well.


  • I want you to remember your feminine, your wildness, your passionate self. You are amazing!
  • I want you to be free – especially of any sexual shame, guilt or trauma.
  • I want you to embrace yourself fully, all your gifts and talents, your amazing body, your contribution to this world.
  • I want you to have your man at your side.
  • I want you to become absofuckinglutely confident and unstoppable!

Today as I watch the sunrise (after our session) I am softer yet stronger, more feminine, supportive, loving, and trusting in the masculine.

Today I feel FREE! Today I love me! Today I can’t wait to see who I connect with! Today feels like the first day of my life since I was a very young girl!


And I am one hundred percent confident that I can help you with all of the above.

Together we will birth your highest Self, your divine feminine, your authentic self expression, and your inner lover to attract your man into your life. I promised you that a long time ago…

I know, big promises, but I have seen it with our soul-clients over and over what happens when you erase all past pain, trauma, negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and self judgment. I walked the path all the way, all alone, and you don’t have to do it the hard way. We can do it together and we can do it fast.

This is my life purpose and on my personal and professional journey I have been given lots of powerful stuff and magical keys to be of service and to get the job done.


Probably the most noteworthy shift that has happened is my relationship situation. As you may remember, at the time of our session I was dating a guy who, despite his wonderful qualities, was entirely the wrong fit for me. I broke up with him about a week after my session with you, which felt a bit challenging, but very much like I was saying to myself, “Instead of settling, I deserve a partner who can meet me,” and creating space for this new man to come through.

Fast forward 2-3 weeks later… Through a series of amazing synchronicities, lightning bolts of inspiration and lots of saying YES, I enjoyed my first date with a magical, grounded, incredibly sexy man. A month later, we are totally enchanted by each other and thoroughly enjoying building our heart-centered, sensual, soul-connected, tantric, silly, trusting, vulnerable, communicative and explosively sexual relationship!

I have NEVER felt as free as I do now to fully express my inner Sex Goddess, and never before have I been met by a man who can actually hold that space with me!


Shamanic Healer

Who am I?

I am a midwife and advocate for the divine feminine, I am a warrioress, a shamaness, a medicine woman, a queen, a goddess, a mother, a lover, a high priestess, and a sister of yours. I am in service to the divine, wild feminine and am here to help other women remember that they too have all these aspects within themselves!

Do you resonate with my words?

Is this YOUR time to fully embody your highest version?

Are you ready to do the work?

Take your first step to unleash the wild woman you are. No woman is too much or too big for me. Bring it on, bring her on, turn her on, make her come alive! I wanna hear you roar!

I’ve been practicing self growth my whole life and this was by far the one thing that actually connected me back into who I really am. Yesterday I was able to let go of a lot of “shit” and false armor that was covering my heart!

WHATEVER it takes, call them now. For you, for others in your life, I urge you… This is a place that you will break free of some of your stories, your false beliefs, your victim-hood.


Stop meditating, contemplating, sleeping on it, sitting with it, waiting for signs… THIS IS YOUR SIGN! You made it to this site. You and I have a soul contract. Remember, I promised you I will be there when you are ready. I promised you to help you remember and help you fulfilling YOUR life purpose, your job on this planet. We need you. The world needs you.

Please wake up. Please get activated, initiated, prepared and cleansed of all the past baggage so you can do your work – and even better – side by side with your beloved. He is waiting for you to become visible and radiant so he can find you.

Are you ready to be WILD and FREE?

Come Unleash Your Wild Feminine and let’s talk about The Pleasure on Purpose Healing System and how it is exactly what you have been looking for.

Call (upon) me!


Or send me an email at info@heikeandjon.com

I can’t wait to (re)connect with you,

In the meantime I am wishing you much love and wildness,

Dr. Heike, Modern Day Priestess

Pleasure on Purpose Application

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