The King Maker Program

Somatic Healing for Men?

The Kingmaker Program

In today’s world, it can often be quite confusing to be a man.

We are told to be tough and also to express our emotions.

We are asked to be sexual, but not too much.

We are asked to be in our hearts and then wonder why we are often put in the friend zone so quickly with new women (or men) we meet.

In short, we have lost our balls, our manhood.


How many of these points resonate with where you are today?

  • You have repressed emotions of anger and/or sadness from childhood
  • You lacked a role model of the healthy masculine
  • You continue repeating the same pattern in relationships
  • You are looking for love, deep connection, and a great sex life
  • You have been hurt in the past in your relationships and you wonder if there is a woman (or man) out there that can possibly understand you.
  • You are successful in all other areas of your life except for love, sexuality and relationships
  • You struggle with your life purpose
  • You are frustrated about your sex life and not feeling fulfilled in it.
  • You watch too much porn and suffer from ED
  • You are looking for change, a shift, and you want it fast, lasting and powerful.
  • You have been engaged in self growth and other modalities and find all those old triggers are still there
  • You are ambitious and show up fully in all you do.

I want you to know I have been there. I get it. I too stuffed down my emotions, kept down old anger and sadness inside because it never felt appropriate to express those raw emotions. I became Mr. Nice Guy because that is what I thought women wanted. I excelled in many areas of life, but my relationships kept having the same results. Only when I cleared and released all my past trauma, pain and emotions I became free, reclaimed my kingdom and found my queen.

The Pleasure on Purpose King Maker Program

This program is the fastest and most transformational modality on the planet. Your entire identity will change.

You will:

  • Get the stuck anger and rage out of your body once and for all
  • Cry the tears you never got to cry
  • Say the words you never got to say
  • Become a man fully integrated in his heart and his balls
  • Develop a deep understanding of the evolved masculine
  • Step fully into your power and life purpose
  • Learn to always speak your truth
  • Be ready for the woman of your dreams
  • Clear all sexual shame and baggage
  • Make more money in your career
  • Fully integrate your Little Boy, your Warrior/Knight, and your Wild Animal Beast

You will become a gracious, heart-centered King.


Listen to this interview on the Evolved Masculine Podcast about the Pleasure on Purpose King Maker Program

We do not work with everyone. You have to be ready for this life changing program.

Please call us to find out more or start your process of becoming a fully integrated KING


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