Oh yes, I am so gonna go there today in my article…
I don’t know why people don’t know about this or if they DO know why they don’t share this most valuable information that I am about to reveal.

Why does sexuality and orgasm seem to be such a taboo to talk about?
Why doesn’t the whole world know about the healing power of sexual energy?

Well, the pharmaceutical companies, including all other supplement companies would not make any money of it. Doctors, healers and therapists would not make any money of it. People would not feel so much as victims and would not give their power away to others, to things, to meds, to therapists, to whatever else is out there on the market. The recovery to perfect health would be too fast and definitely waaaaay too simple.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are times and places for all of the above, or at least times where we need both: medical assistance AND at the same time or maybe only later orgasmic energy.

I myself just experienced in deepest gratitude the enormous importance of western medicine while recovering from gallbladder surgery after a very painful attack which also led to an inflammation of my pancreas. Not a small thing, and no orgasm would have replaced what was needed medically in this moment. But… 4 days post surgery, with my belly being bruised and sore from the incisions, my body trying to detox all the antibiotics, pain meds and other sorts of medicine, I knew that I was ready to use my bodies own super powers to heal itself: sexual energy aka life force energy! Being a doctor and healer with over 20 years of experience I was able to not only feel in my own body but also witness the energetics that took place in my personal “healing session” today.

Yes I know, in times of emotional or physical pain and recovery we are most likely not feeling too sexy and raising our sexual energy to support our own healing process does take some effort and lots of lube.

But just know that the goal is not even to climax, in fact there is no goal. It’s like waking up a sleeping child. You just want to stroke gently and lovingly, stay present and tuned in with your body.

It is like igniting a flame that got blown out, overpowered by sudden pain and dis-ease. You’ve got to ignite it first and then build the fire up slowly. And your body will guide you and most likely ask for more. What I witnessed during my “healing session” was this very own sexual energy bringing my body back to life. As I was building up this energy I saw the image of a sprouting happening, then leaves and then blossoms opening, spreading all over my body and especially to the parts that had been injured. My blood circulation increased and my breathing became deeper, providing me with lots of oxygen to regenerate all of my cells. I witnessed affected areas connecting with the (healthy) counter sides of my body, balancing energies to take away the concentration of pain in certain areas. A smile came back to my face, a sense of peace and relaxation while feeling more and more energized. I have never experienced this level of transformation and healing within only an hour total…

Yes, I have used orgasmic energy before to cure colds, to release headaches, to shift out of depression, to de-stress, to energize myself – and in ALL cases it worked. I have recommended this “treatment” to my clients and they all reported the same: It WORKS!!

So I continue my “case studies”, on my own, with guidance for my clients, and of course in our ESH (explosive sexual healing) sessions as I have never seen faster and longer lasting results.

And still, I do know that there is even more to discover about the healing power of orgasmic energy. I will continue to share, and I invite you to try it for yourself, and I would love to hear about your experience and your insights.

The next time you are feeling down, stressed, overwhelmed, low energy, in pain, coming down with a cold, or any other dis-ease – why not give it a try?! What do you got to lose?

It’s free, it’s pleasurable, it’s healing – nature’s medicine at it’s best and available at all times!

And I can already feel my next article brewing, more information that needs to come out:
I will share what else is so super exciting and available to you, right at your hand (pun intended): Using sexuality and orgasm as the most potent and powerful force/energy for personal empowerment, freedom, creation and manifestation. Another BIG thing I believe the world needs to know…

Make it an orgasmic day – turn it on and up – bigger, brighter, more!
One stroke at a time…

Dr. Heike Joy

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