Do you remember when you first woke up?

You woke up to the world of spirituality and personal growth. All of a sudden you realized that there is so much more to life than what you thought it was…

And you started your conscious journey of self discovery. You read books, attended workshops, took classes, maybe had a mentor, a coach, a healer, a teacher and it sucked you in. Curiosity, experiences, realizations, lots of pondering, practice, studying, conversations, retreats – you have done them all and you couldn’t get enough and you might still be on this path. You went to see healers, shamans, practitioners to clear your blocks, your past trauma, your current dis-ease and discomfort. And many of you have even gotten past this lifetime into past lives to clean up.  And you were looking for likeminded people, you know, the ones that seemed crazy, odd, different, woo woo, awakened – because suddenly you couldn’t talk to the “normal” people anymore, to the ones that were still asleep, the ones that thought you went gaga. You were tired and not interested anymore in having shallow conversations, superficial, unauthentic, uninspiring.

Can you relate?

Where are you today in your journey of self discovery? Are you feeling pretty good? Have you come a long ways? And, maybe like me, just when you think you have it all down, you have it all figured out, you have come to a place of joy, bliss, ease – it hits you again – and you feel like you know nothing, you will never be free, never get there, never quite stable, and somehow being sucked back into your old crap. Until you climb out again and again, only to fall again and again.

Some of you might say that this is just life. That your journey does go in spirals and each time you go deeper and deeper, closer and closer to your True Self, your Higher Self, your true nature as a spiritual being. And this is somewhat correct. AND… there is more.

There is another aspect that conscious beings are keeping out of their journey. And I surely was one of them. You wanna know what keeps you stuck? You wanna know what the missing link to your journey of life is? Are you ready to go to the place that feels uncomfortable, mysterious, and for some people even very dark? Ok then, let me share with you the secret of personal freedom and the ultimate self expression: it is your sexuality, or more precise, your relationship with your sexuality. No, not with sex, because a lot of you feel pretty good in that area.

I am talking about your sexual energy, your lower chakras, your life force energy, your power house.

I am talking about your societal programming, your shame, your guilt, and oftentimes trauma around it. I am talking about boundaries being crossed in the past, inappropriate touch, degrading words spoken, confusion of your sexual nature, and having the “wrong” sex, the unfulfilling, unnurturing, frustrating sex. Are you still with me? Can you relate?

When it comes to sex I see so many clients carrying blocks, shame, trauma and sexual depletion in this area. In fact the later, sexual depletion feels like an epidemic. The symptoms of sexual depletion? Depression as the number one, stress, anxiety, eating disorders,  hormonal imbalance, and the list goes on and on.

Your sexual energy is your life force energy. It is your fuel, your passion, your inspiration, and the source of creation. When it is blocked, everything feels stagnant. When it is confused, your fullest self expression cannot shine fully. When it is blocked we find ourselves with stop signs, lower energy, low self esteem, and especially as women we are not feeling the respect, adoration, honoring from others. On the other hand, when your sexual energy is fully integrated, flowing and being expressed freely, you become unstoppable. You are powerful. You are free. You are wild. You feel whole.

It is time for full integration of your being: your spiritual and sexual self, yin and yang, masculine and feminine, light and dark, upper chakras and lower chakras, it all has its place, it all needs its place, it is when we know ourselves as spiritual and sexual beings  we become whole.

Today I invite you to go on your personal, sacred journey of sexuality. Like you have done regarding your spiritual path I ask you to follow the same pattern on your sexual path: read books, attend workshops, take classes, hire a mentor, a coach, a healer, a guide. Talk about it. Wake up. Clean up. Release anything and everything that is in the way to become a whole being, to become unstoppable and fully expressed. Go to the places where it feels uncomfortable and fearful because that’s where the gold is, that’s where the freedom is. And you don’t need to do this alone. Get help. We are waiting for you to step into the light, step into the fire, step into passion, step into liberation. The world needs you as a light worker, in love, in your full light, and with wild passion…

Wake up. It’s time to get unstuck, to embrace, heal and fully integrate your sexual being.

You don’t know where to start? Feel free to message me and I am happy to guide you in the right direction, towards your first step of becoming wild and free.

In love and service,

Dr. Heike Joy

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