How do you drive a huge wedge between men and women and their powerful connection, magic, and love? You totally confuse people around their Life Force Energy – their Sexuality! And since women are the ones who give birth (to everything) you focus on them first.

How do you take the power away, suck the life out of women?

You shame their bodies, you create the sense of competition, you make them feel like they are never going to be perfect and you keep them busy trying to fit into some unachievable, illusional image so they will be busy for the rest of their lives trying to achieve the impossible.

And after attacking their bodies you shame them for their free expression of their sexuality. You make them feel uncomfortable by telling them to hide their breasts and genitals, and you create shame around their “lady parts”.

Then you address MEN and attack their sexuality.

Since women are already in their shame they can now put their shame on men. That’s an easy task. Women’s pain and suppression of their own sexuality will attack men to feel the same. So the very main thing of how men and women connect with is now full of confusion, shame and trauma. The beauty and sacredness of sexuality has now become the most hidden, “unnatural” thing and lures in the darkness. Sex is only happening behind closed doors, under the covers, and GOD forbid, not talked about. It has become a “side product”, full of shame and confusion.

Women AND men are traumatized when it comes to sex!

And every once in a while we hit the jack pot of great mind-blowing sex only to become afraid of losing control, losing our (false and programmed) selves, our (false) identity while merging with our partner into sacred union into our God-selves, into the ultimate connection to source and oneness, into our absolute truth as human beings.

When this happens we are either scared as HELL or we wake up out of the nightmare of sexual shame and suppression. And the moment we want to share our truth with others, we are being met by huge resistance and again shaming from others who are still caught in the conditioning of society.

THE GARDEN OF EDEN   –  Do you remember?

We were all FREE, we were in LOVE, we were INNOCENT. Nudity, pleasure, sexuality was natural and our birth right, our promise on this planet earth.

And then? What happened?

Someone/something brought up the thought of SIN. All of a sudden it was not ok to be pure, natural, naked and sexual. All of a sudden there were all these rules and limitations. We lost our freedom and the natural connection to our bodies and sexuality.

It has been a long path of making sexuality wrong. And I am aware that it will be a long path back to our ultimate freedom, back to the Garden of Eden.

So what does it take?

Bringing sexuality from the darkness into the light. Exposure, conversations, realizations, diving deeply into our ultimate truth as human beings. We are spiritual AND sexual beings and our connection with God/Source/Spirit happens only in a wholesome way if we include our bodies and sexuality.

Sexuality = Life Force Energy

It is our fuel and it does drive us, but not in a sense of being driven BY sex but being driven THROUGH sex; guided by,  supported by and enhanced by our spirituality.

Wake up Human!


Return home, home to the Garden of Eden

Back to our original innocence

Back to union with all there is…

– Heike Joy, in service of guiding men and women back HOME

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