We just came back from our two week honeymoon trip to Costa Rica!

So much became clear and obvious to me. About myself, about people, about cultures, about this planet… You know, it’s when you go travel to a different country and experience a different culture, step out of your daily routine – and then you get back to the US you can really see, feel, and experience your home and personal world all anew.

And I did. Boy, I did!

I went shopping yesterday. Yes, the mall of all places to start dipping my toes back into the American lifestyle. And on top of that during the month of Christmas – which can be a whole other blog. But back to my point: I was shocked! Culture shocked, shocked to the depths of my core being after returning from a third world country like Costa Rica. It took me a while to adjust, well, I am not sure if I actually was able to adjust. Looking around in the mall I felt like I just entered a world of ROBOTS! Everything seemed to be running on autopilot. Everyone seemed to just go through the motions of walking, looking, selecting, purchasing, selling, greeting, and then walking some more… I did not see smiles, joy, happiness, laughter, or any other lively emotions (excepts some complaining customers and screaming babies). All I saw was a dull world, a mechanical, programmed world. Needless to say that I couldn’t feel any connection nor was I able to really connect with anyone there. If I was lucky the cashier would give me the gift of a second of actual eye contact, and yes, she would smile (a trained smile), but that was pretty much IT. I saw friends and families shopping together but were they really shopping TOGETHER or just bodies walking side by side, and like anyone else just “going through the motions”?

I came home feeling sad…

In Costa Rica people were alive, laughing, greeting each other sincerely, slowing down, taking time to connect, and smiling like they mean it, not like they have to, not like robots. I felt joy, gratitude, connection, and aliveness: “Pura Vida” as the locals say, PURE LIFE, loosely meaning This is Life!

Coming back to the US felt almost traumatic and I felt the resistance of not wanting to be pulled back into this mechanical world again and join the robots myself. Yes, I do have an amazing community, conscious, alive people, REAL people, fun people, and I am very grateful for this inner circle of love, connection, and support of each other’s greatness. And yes, I have an amazing business where I exactly focus on bringing souls back to real/authentic/true life. Where I get to invite souls to discover themselves, their truth, their passion, their purpose for the sake of being authentic, wild, free, and fully self expressed DESPITE the unconscious robot stream that constantly tempts us to stay asleep, to just blend in and go with the masses of a sheep society rather than encouraging individuality. And yet, I want MORE! I want more for myself, I want more for others, and ultimately I want more for this planet.

I see a world where everyone is alive, awake, happy, fully self expressed, and REAL.

I see a world where people do exactly what they love, sharing their passion and gifts, having amazing relationships, connecting deeply and fully.

I see people stepping into their hearts, leading from soul, using their power and potential for the highest good of all, and living their lives on purpose.

And I guess this is what this blog will be all about:

Awakening to our true Self, our highest Self, our very best version. And in that everyone gets to be FREE, WILD, and in TRUTH of their soul’s desire.

I invite you to join me in this mission, on this journey of authentic Self discovery and pure Self expression.

Let’s get REAL. Wake up. Come Alive. Be Wild, be Free, Be YOU!

PS: I will be busy myself to add more PURA VIDA into my life. Here are two things I am committing to this week and you can hold me accountable to it. One of the biggest realizations I took home personally from CR was how many adventures we went on and how doing new things wakes you up and energizes all senses. Each week Jonathan and I will pick a new thing to do right here in San Diego. We actually want to be tourists of our home city San Diego and start exploring. I will get a tourist book at Barnes and Nobles and we get to pick and choose. Groupon is also a valuable resource.

Another promise I gave to myself is to get back on the horse. I have been horseback riding all my life and for the last few years I told myself I don’t have time anymore and it’s not that important to me. Bullshit! I will make time. It is essential for my soul’s happiness. I went riding in Costa Rica and I want it back in my daily life. So another task for me this week is to contact stables and make it happen.


– Heike


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