Jonathan here – Yay, we did it: our very first Facebook Live Video! This new weekly series is called “The Lovers Lounge with Jonathan and Heike” where we answer your questions about sex, love and the new paradigm for relationships. 
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We fully intended to come out with some fun happy dance party for our first Facebook Live broadcast, but the thing is – we are human and our planned launch just happened to hit on a day that we were rather in a muck about some business disagreements. In all of our teachings, transparency and authenticity are the core principles so we decided to come on air and talk about what we – well, what I, Jonathan – had discovered about my not trusting the feminine just a few hours before we made this video.
Watch below and see if you can relate.


If you want more of our Ninja relationship skills, we just made a new ecourse called “The New Relationship Paradigm.” Chapter 1 is completely free, so go here and check it out!

See you next week!

In Love, 

Jonathan and Heike






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