It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, it is time to embrace our masculine energy. And when I talk about the masculine I am referring to a particular aspect and that is sexuality. And actually, originally sexuality was in the hands of women, but right now men are carrying the lead, and have been doing so for the longest time.

Women have been molested, attacked, raped, used, and overpowered by men through sex. Men have been known for the beings that only want sex, think about sex, and do whatever it takes to get it.

The most interesting part in this is that by nature women are the sexual beings. They are the masters of using this energy for creation, pro-creation, and manifestation. Yet, women have stepped away from their sexual power due to shame and attacks of the past and men have taken over that role, not guiding nor using it for the benefit and goodness of all. Until women claim their sexuality men need to continue to hold the reins to make it happen, to keep this energy of creation alive cause someone has to do it.

What we see today in this world is that basically none of us, nor women nor men have picked up sexuality in a mature, sovereign way and the question comes up who is running the show? We can call it the shadow masculine, the shadow feminine, the dark forces, or call it whatever you like because it does not really matter WHO is using and guiding our sexuality. The only thing that matters is that unless WE pick up the reins again, step into ownership, and start taking the lead IT will keep running the show, causing much pain for women AND men.

Women have been shamed for being sexual and in today’s world men are being shamed for being sexual. This has led to a lot of confusion, blaming, attacking, and lots and lots of pain and segregation. There are the feminists, and even men started taking this side for women. MEtoo campains, gender division, fear, insecurity, rage, and pointing fingers while not understanding that we are all one. We are all in this together. We all, women like men, have been abused and until we all work together on this there will only be more segregation rather than union of all beings.

So what is the way out?

Women stepping back into their sexual energy and expression. Women being the ones allowing this energy to move through them. Women guiding this energy and taking back the reins. Once they do, men don’t have to carry on their behavior anymore, not needing to make sure that somehow some sex is going to happen. Women can invite, initiate, guide sexual energy for creating a new, healthy, and balanced world. In that world, men do get enough sex, plenty of it, and they are able to relax.

We are all ONE. We are the masculine and the feminine. We are the man and the woman. We are the victims of rape and the rapist. When we really feel the oneness we can’t point fingers anymore or take sides. We are ALL what we see out there. And yes, we are also the Trump out there running the show.

In order to see men in a different light we need to know that we all ARE men. In order to see women in a different light we need to know that we all ARE women. Any pain or suffering, any inappropriate move out there is actually an inner affair of wanting to be changed.

In fact, all of this is an inside job. We can change this! But it starts from within. Instead of pointing fingers outward we need to point inward. Love IS the answer. Can we love ourselves? Can we embrace our inner masculine and feminine? Can we see that we are all hurting? Can we see that we  all have been blinded, betrayed, used, and divided?

Find your inner relationship and how it is working for you. You think you are in harmony? Well, take a look outside and you will see the reflection what your internal state looks like. The mirror is getting stronger and the voices are getting louder to demand a shift in consciousness.

What is your relationship to sex? Are you owning it? Or are you shaming it, blaming someone else, giving the lead and expression to the other? Take it back! Take back your power. Take back your sexuality. Step right into it. Pick up the reins. And guide it into your magical creations. We are all the keepers of life force energy, of magic, and once we focus on love and consciousness, oneness and creation, this world is going to change rapidly…

~ Heike Hudson


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