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Pleasure on Purpose

Unleash Your Wild Feminine Program

What if you could fully embrace your body and sexuality and let go of all guilt, shame, trauma, and old programs and patterns within the cellular TISSUE?

What would your life be like if you become confident, fully self expressed, authentic and unstoppable? What if there is a system that clears anything that’s holding you back within three months max?


The Pleasure on Purpose Healing System is unlike anything that is out there. It uses a specific sequence to release pain, fear, past trauma, and any kind of blocks so you can  FULLY receive love, pleasure, freedom, and prosperity. The unique combination of a male and female practitioner, who are highly trained, will facilitate the integration of mind, body, and spirit simultaneously.

Pleasure on Purpose is a system that combines coaching, sexual education, somatic bodywork, emotional release techniques, sexological bodywork, shamanic healing, energy work, hypnotherapy and NLP in a safe, professional environment.

For more information please check out our Pleasure on Purpose Healing System 


Are you not ready yet for the Pleasure on Purpose Healing System?
Then we recommend coaching to start moving some of your energy blocks…

Personal Coaching

Whether a single session or a series, coaching calls with Heike are extremely transformational and sometimes all you need to get unstuck and attract what you desire in life. Coaching sessions are highly recommended if you would like to prepare for or attract your life partner, achieve sexual freedom, the ability to speak your truth, to get what you want, deepening your connections in any of your relationships, being on purpose, you name it.

Heike uses her gift of intuition and healing as well as pointing out any observations of misalignment in regards to your desires. Together you will look at and clear limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, and unhealthy self judgments that are holding your back. Each call will give you more clarity, energetic and mental shifts, education and the permission to be fully self-expressed as a spiritual AND sexual being.

Coaching sessions can fully stand alone or being used as a preparation for the ultimate healing system: Pleasure on Purpose.

Coaching for Women

Contact Dr. Heike for more information on our private women’s coaching program or to request a one-on-one session via phone, in person or Skype video.

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