Coaching for Couples

We look forward to supporting you in creating the relationship and sex life you desire!

Learn to develop:

  • Authentic Relationships
  • Authentic Communication
  • Presence And Awareness
  • Sex And Intimacy

Sacred Union Coaching Program

Designed for couples who wish to improve or deepen their daily experience with each other as well as their love life. Jonathan and Heike will cover anything and everything that you have never learned in school and yet should be known by anyone who is striving for a healthy, balanced and loving relationship. This six week program program takes your full commitment with a weekly session with Heike and Jonathan to work on the following subjects:


  • Honest and Authentic Communication
  • Connection, Presence, and Awareness
  • Expressing Sexual Needs and Desires
  • Self Reliance and Self Care
  • How to Deal with Triggers
  • Self Responsibility and Ownership of Emotions
  • Energy Dynamics Within the Relationship
  • Expectations and Needs
  • Boundaries and Personal Space
  • Sex Magic (Manifestation)
  • Finding Your Freedom Within the Relationship
  • Jealousies and Feeling “Not Good Enough”
  • Commitment and Organic Monogamy
  • Divine Masculine and Feminine
  • Adoration, Honoring, Gratitude
  • Conscious Sexuality

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Intimacy & Sex Coaching

People have personal trainers, coaches, nutritionists, and other personal assistance to improve all different areas in life. Throughout our lives, no one has really shown or taught us about having great sex. We are all self taught and learn as we go.

Wouldn’t it be very natural to consider having a sex coach?
Our sexual skill training can literally get you back on the spot in your love life.

In personal sessions, we will work with both of you on presence, communication, touch, kiss, energy awareness, sensual massage, tantric tools and much more.

There are several levels available in this type of coaching, We always begin with an introductory meeting session where we all get together and discover where are clients are experincing difficulty or want to expand. After that, we move to the actual practices in a live setting.

To be very clear, we do not share in touch. We simply hold sacred space and teach you specific practices and then act as your guides, making any adjustments and helping both of you to better understand the principles.

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