I recently had a woman ask me the following questions:

“What makes you love a woman? Makes you adore her, keep coming back, and want to do anything for her?”

This question of how to keep men interested seems to be one of those age-old questions. Men are all too often labeled as the ones who quickly get bored. Who make the “catch” and then all the romance dies.

That is not the way conscious men do things.

While it is generally true that at the core, we seek freedom, we also find that freedom when our women feel free. No one likes a cage, men or women. No one wants to feel obligated until death do us part. This is one of the new paradigms of conscious relationships. That we show up today, right here, right now. I cannot promise tomorrow.

So how then does a woman keep her man coming back for more each day? How does she stay so irresistible, that the grass is greener each day right there at home?

Here are some tips from the Conscious Masculine:

1. She is so filled up with self-love that she doesn’t need me. She desires me. There’s a difference.

2. She chooses daily to be with me. But she does not promise me tomorrow.

3. She maintains and values her independence. She does what she wants.

4. She says “no” to me once in a while. And I’m good with that.

5. She values my independence as well. She doesn’t try to own me.

6. She takes care of her body and her skin and her hair and all those things because first, it’s important to her, and second, because she wants me to keep ravishing her and I do.

7. She is sexually free and confident, who knows what she wants and asks for it. And knows what she doesn’t and says that too.

8. When I buy her roses, her eyes sparkle in love and gratitude.

9. She’s adventurous, intelligent, and slightly devious when she wants to be. And I see it in her eyes.

10. She is not afraid of sitting in the muck when stuff comes up. And won’t run and won’t blame.

11. She doesn’t project her baggage onto me but works her tail off to clean up her side of the street.

12. She owns her own shit and triggers. And expects me to do the same.

13. She makes sure I keep doing my own work. She calls out my deep masculine and my consciousness and higher self and demands the better version of me because she loves me.

14. From my diet, to my words, to my beliefs, she challenges me to always be better.

15. She surrenders fully to our lovemaking and has cleared her stuff from the past around sexuality and jealousies. She knows that at the end of the party, I’m going home with her.

16. She understands what being fucked wide-open means. She asks to be taken. She invites me to bring my full masculine to her. And through that, she transmutes everything into love and heals me.

17. She trusts me. Fully. Without any doubt whatsoever.

18. She lets her feminine emotions come up when they want to because she knows it’s healthy and she’s safe

19. She spreads love. Everywhere.

20. She appreciates me and tells me that often.

21. She asks me to ground her and be her rock. And that makes me feel important and I take this responsibility seriously.

22. She smiles when I cook her dinner. And thanks me.

23. She laughs when I load the dishwasher wrong. And then does it her way with no complaint.

24. She’s 1,000 women in 1 because boredom is the death of relationships. She keeps me on my toes.

25. She supports me in my decisions. And she’s the also the Wisdom to which I turn
before making those decisions. She sees, rather, she feels what I cannot. And she knows I trust that.

26. She speaks her truth. Let me repeat that. She speaks her truth. It may not be my truth, but she makes me feel heard.

27. I know where she stands. I know her values because she lives them daily.

28. She is hot and passionate and keeps the fire lit both in herself and in us.

29. She fully embodies the wild feminine. She loves to dance and sing and create. And laugh. And blow bubbles.

30. She asks me to fix things even though she can fully do it herself.

31. She loves me and treats me like no other man in the world and she allows me to be her King. And again, that makes me feel important and valued, and I know I have a place.

32. .She’s my best lover, my best friend, my best partner, and I, am enthusiastically hers.

33. She feels and lives FREE. And that’s a turn on.

These are just some of the reasons that each morning I wake up next to her and there is nowhere else I want to be nor anyone else I would rather be with than her. And I’ll probably feel the same way tomorrow as well.

Jonathan Hudson

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